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85% of firms understand the power of using location intelligence to drive sales.  75% spend too much precious time trying to figure it out on their own, using inadequate tools like Excel.  10% of teams start out with cheap mapping tools and then quit when they discover those tools are too limited.

This is probably costing your company millions in lost opportunities, sales rep turnover, unnecessary expenses like wasted drive-time, as well as well as missed forecasts and quotas that are not aligned to the true underlying market opportunity.  Let us help you!  Call 1-415-800-4457 before you leave this page.

Map2Profit accelerates your territory optimization in under 15 days.  We provide cumulative experience from leading firms to get you where you want to go faster!  We use the ideal tools and best practices to drive increased sales and profits.

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GIS Mapping projects for B2B and B2C

Meet your territory optimization consultant

DadnJackOver the past 12 years, I've led award-winning database analytics and sales operations agency-side and client-side at San Francisco Bay Area companies in various industries, ranging from high tech, biotech, online, finance, advertising and marketing, and telecom in both B2B and B2C.

The territory optimization techniques I've developed enable managers like you to improve your customer acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, and lifetime value by smarter, more efficient use of your sales team.  Of all the various methods I've applied leading sales and marketing analytics, ranging from predictive models to developing apps for, one technology that stands out for sales organizations success is territory optimization.

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Gregory Grzegorzyk

Untapped opportunity

GoldWhat I've found is that very often, important decisions in developing incentive compensation (IC) plans, hiring, development, staffing levels, and discovering hidden sales opportunities all can be improved by using advanced database and mapping technologies.  While I've been using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for 12 years, it surprises me how few sales organizations possess the skills or technology to really take advantage of this great opportunity.

Special mapping tools and skills require training

mapbigYour own company may have several types of territories (inside sales, field sales, support services, partner regions, etc).  Sometimes territories, regions, or districts overlap.  Often, the boundaries vary, for example street-level, ZIP code level, city or DMA, county or country.  Territories, regions or districts can also be defined by industry segment or rep specialty.  All this can make territory optimization impossible without advanced mapping skills - Excel just DOES NOT cut it.

You may be a manager who needs to create several mapping layers that for some business reason must overlap.  My expectation is that you'll achieve much more success as a result of hiring Map2Profit to tackle the most complex territory optimization scenarios.

The territory optimization market

territory optimization marketOur consulting, implementation and training is targeted to sales organizations that have one or more sales operations people supporting 5 to 100 sales reps.  This training would also be useful to smaller or larger organizations, but here's why I'm focusing on this segment: Smaller organizations can use simpler mapping analysis tools, like Microsoft MapPoint.  If you've got under 5 sales reps, or your territories are just defined by state, then you're probably fine using MapPoint.  I wouldn't call MapPoint a toy, but as a MapPoint power user, I soon discovered that you bump your head on the ceiling.  Just when you need MapPoint for something urgent and complex, you discover it can't do the job.  That's why I use MapInfo Professional, and why I've selected MapInfo Pro for this training program.

SalesforceAs a user, you probably have to assign accounts, and update territory, region, or district hierarchies.  This can be very complex and error-prone for some organizations.  Doing any type of "what-if" scenarios for redistricting or realigning territories can be way too complex to even attempt within for many sales teams.  We've developed a very powerful way to dynamically link MapInfo Professional to so that you can do this fairly easily.  You'll be able to see your territory changes in the mapping tool and also see what happens to your sales projections before committing the changes to

Clients can easily maintain historic records of each and every change.  This is important because it can impact compensation plans.  When a sales rep questions whether they were fairly compensated after some territory change, you can go back and see each instance the territory was changed and verify that things are correct.  By using third-part ODBC bridges, you can dynamically perform territory redistricting "what-if" scenarios even if you use some other SFA or CRM tool.

Why not just train yourself?

Learn from the prosYou could probably buy a new Mercedes Benz, a shop manual, and $200,000 in specialized tools and go about on your own learning how to fix cars.  After 15 years of trial and error, if you didn't lose any fingers, you might actually become a fair Mercedes Benz mechanic.  The techniques I developed in our online course were not just developed over 12 years, but most importantly:  I developed these techniques in highly complex agency and client engagements in a variety of industries.  I've worked with the best and brightest sales operations and analytics people in the world and adopted every single technique that worked best, and also developed my own approaches to solving problems related to territory optimization.

The key to this training is it's the distillation of 12 years of experience developing territory optimization techniques using leading edge technologies and methods for industry leaders.

Hiring Map2Profit makes sense

Territory MappingHave you ever tried to solve a Rubik's Cube?  You could take weeks, or you could go online and learn how in a few minutes.

In business, time is a valuable resource, so we packed years of best practices in sales territory mapping experience into our consulting, implementation, and training, so that your team can get the most value in the shortest period of time.

Increase sales, reduce costs, and more fairly reward reps for their performance relative to their actual market potential.

We take teams with absolutely no experience using mapping or database tools through the basics and into intermediate and advanced subject areas.  Here are some key skills we bring to your team:

Create basic territories at any geography Analyze new territories vs. existing territories
Dynamically link territories to a database Fill-in the gaps in spotty territories
Perform an update query to change data Perform opportunity assessments
Perform grouping queries for totals Import leads, prospects, or third party data
Create basic territory at country level Use Google Earth features in MapInfo
Create custom territories at 5-digit ZIP Publish your maps to interactive PDFs
Account for incorrect or new ZIP codes Publish your maps to a server
Point vs. Polygon type territories Perform analysis for performance factors
Hierarchy: Region > District > Territory Dynamically link your maps to
Combine multiple types of territories Create and use spider maps
Write queries across different layers Identify your truly best performing reps
Create thematic maps on any data type Identify reps with good sales but poor performance
Multivarate maps (quality vs. quantity) Realign reps based on their key strengths
Create ring buffers around sales reps Reduce headcout while growing sales
Perform analysis at 5, 10, 25 mile radius Make a case for new hires to create budget


Territory mapping increases profits
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 Perform "what-if" scenarios on-the-fly
 Update Salesforce territories easily!


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